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Because there should be no such thing as "Good enough...for gluten free."

You've heard the expression, "Cooking is an art, but baking is a science." At DOUGH, we believe there's no reason that gluten free baked goods shouldn't be works of art, and we've taken the time to learn the science behind what it takes to make that happen. And here's a hint...you don't need gluten!

DOUGH started as a way to fill a gap in the market in Washington, DC--while we've got an amazing array of bakeries, many offer just a single gluten free selection naively mixed in among glutinous offerings. At DOUGH, all of our products are exclusively gluten free (and some dairy free!) so you never have to worry about cross-contact.

But we're about more than that. In addition to creating chic, delectable, gift-worthy gluten free treats, we're all about our community, and not just because "buying local" is cool these days. We believe local businesses are responsible for fostering local culture and what it means to "Be DC." These gluten free treats are our little way of contributing to the gritty, urban, luxe, ambitious, dynamic, authentic environment that is the District--and sharing that with you!

Have more questions? See below for our FAQ!

How does this work?

Because our storefront isn't open yet, we just sell our goodies here online and at local markets in the DC area, but we ship all of our treats nationally every Monday. We use USPS Priority Mail so, once your package ships, the treats arrive to you in 3 days or less! Just add the items to your cart, then add your shipping details at checkout just like any other online product. If you're in the DC area and would like to arrange for pick-up/delivery, just email us at info@doughbakerydc.com

Why don't you use brown rice flour?
Great question! Even though brown rice flour gives excellent taste and texture to gluten free baked goods, in 2012 the FDA found "unacceptably high" levels of inorganic arsenic in samples of American brown rice, which makes us a little uncomfortable. Although the FDA has not recommended changing your diet to exclude brown rice until more research is conducted, in the meantime we'd rather not serve it to you. For more information, see Arsenic In Food

But what if I love gluten? That's ok, so do we! Our whole philosophy at DOUGH is that you don't need to be gluten sensitive or living a gluten free lifestyle to enjoy gluten free food! So why is it better for you? Because gluten affects us all, whether it's an ooey gooey cinnamon roll or a slice of whole wheat multigrain toast, all of our bodies react to the gluten we ingest. For more information, see This Is Your Gut on Gluten

What about other allergens? At Dough, all of our products are uniquely formulated to result in the tastiest recipe possible. So, while all of our products are soy-free, some feature cornstarch or dairy, while others may include ingredients from producers who also process nuts. So if you have a question about a specific product, please just ask! Which leads us to our next question...

Can I create a custom order?
Of course! If you'd like to place a special allergen-free order or discuss having DOUGH cater desserts for your special event in the DC area, please don't hesitate to get in touch and we'll provide you with an estimate ASAP!